Red Alert


Red Alert Retention foam was created for Barbers by Barbers, and is now available for you. It was created with a super versatile leave-in conditioning formula complete with foaming action.

Red Alert works not only as a wave pattern definer, but also has the ability to provide your hair with soft hold that allows your curls volume and definition without weighing it down.

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1. After thoroughly shampooing and conditioning, towel dry the hair and apply Red Alert Retention Foam.

2. For waves: You may then use a brush and du-rag to style and polish your waves. For curls: You may use a brush, comb, or hands to make sure the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

3. For waves: Once the du-rag is placed securely on the head you may either air dry or sit under a hooded dryer to achieve a more finished and polished wave. For curls: You may either let the hair air dry, sit under a hooded dryer, or diffuse to complete the style.

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